(Davie,  FL  –  January  25,  2018)  –  The  Community  Reinvestment  Alliance  of  South  Florida  (CRASF)  will  host  its  3rd Annual   South   Florida   Community   Reinvestment   Summit   on   January   25,   2018   at   the   Signature   Grand   located   at   6900   FL-­‐84,   Davie,   FL.   More   than   200   community   leaders,   as   well   as   community-­‐based   organizations,   financial   institutions,   public   officials,   and   national   speakers   will   convene   to   discuss   innovative   initiatives   and   solutions   several  economic,  social,  and  environmental  issues.  This  year’s  theme  is  “Economic  prosperity  for  the  people,  by   the  people”.

Joining   this   year’s   Summit   are   Jesse   Van   Tol,   COO   at   The   National   Community   Reinvestment   Coalition   (NCRC);   Phillip  W.  Bracken,  Chairman  of  the  Board  &  Founder  of  America’s  Home  Alliance;  Stella  Adams,  Chief  Equity  and   Inclusion  for  the  National  Community  Reinvestment  Coalition;  Evelyn  S.  Dobson,  CEO  of  Delray  Beach  Community   Land   Trust;   Cornell   Crews,   Executive   Director   of   CRASF;   Maria   Coto,   Executive   Director   at   Partners   For   Self   Employment  Inc.;  Adrian  Madriz,  Project  Lead  at  Struggle  for  Miami’s  Affordable  and  Sustainable  Housing  (SMASH);   Don   Patterson,   REVA   Development   Corporation;   Courtney   Biscardi,   Sr.   VP   of   Operations   and   Strategy   at   Urban   League  of  Broward  County  and  Bob  Dickerson,  Executive  Director  of  Birmingham  Business  Resource  Center  and   CEO  of  Foundation  Capital.

The  Summit  will  cover  the  following  topics:

Session  1  (10:00  a.m.  –  11:30  a.m.):

  • Community  Reinvestment  Act  101
  • Displacement  and  Gentrification
  • Small  Business  and  the  CRA
  • Cultural  Arts:  Tools  for  Economic  Development

Session 2 (1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.):

• How Climate Gentrification will Affect Low and Moderate Income Households
• Payday Lenders, Racial Equity and Racial Gap
• Social Determinants of Health
• How CRA can Build Power in Low-Income Communities

Registration for the Summit is $25 per person or $100 for an annual membership to CRASF and the Summit.
Register at 2018crasfsummit.eventbrite.com. As a give back to the community and its attendees the Community
Reinvestment Alliance of South Florida has decided to raffle off a complimentary room at the Renaissance
Plantation Hotel to one of its attendees. One lucky attendee will have the opportunity to stay at the beautiful
Renaissance Plantation Hotel on the night of January 24, 2018; the hotel is a 5-minute drive to the Signature Grand.


The Community Reinvestment Alliance of South Florida (CRASF), 501 (c) 3, is a collaboration comprised of
community leaders from a variety of public and private sectors including: non-profit organizations; local
businesses; community reinvestment organizations; minority, women-owned and disability organizations; social
service providers; civil rights advocacy organizations; faith-based organizations; labor groups; affordable, accessible
and fair housing organizations; governmental agencies; and engaged individuals. The mission of CRASF is to ensure
fair and equal access to financial services/products, and increased community investments, as well as create,
support, and implement sustainable solutions to enhance and empower neighborhood and individual wellbeing.
To learn more about CRASF, visit www.crasf.org, call (786) 361-2673 or email [email protected]

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