Affiliated Development to Relocate Corporate Headquarters to Sistrunk Community

(Ft. Lauderdale – June 7, 2017) – The Ft. Lauderdale Northwest Progresso Flagler Heights Community Redevelopment (NPF- CRA) gave final approval for $7 million of gap funding to Affiliated Development for the construction of the mixed-use development property named The Six 13 late Tuesday. The project begins in 2018 at 613 N.W. 3rd Ave., in the Northwest Progresso Flagler Heights neighborhood, creating approximately 260 jobs during construction.

“With the CRA Board of Commissioners approving the funding request for the SIX13 Project, the Northwest Community will begin seeing quality development in its neighborhood,”  Jonathan Brown, NPF CRA Manager expressing his optimism, “While quality development isn’t new to Fort Lauderdale, what makes this project special is its location.  This is the largest incentive given to a developer west of the FEC railway (on Sistrunk Blvd) and it is a win for the NPF CRA.  The momentum this project will create makes it a catalyst for other quality projects we are working on in the CRA.”

The eleven story building will have 8,300 square feet of ground-level retail and 240 parking spaces with an estimated property tax revenue in excess of 18,000,000 over the next 30 years. SIX13 will have 86 one-bedroom units and 56 two-bedroom units starting at $1,100 per month. It was designed by Rinka Chung Architecture with a rooftop pool deck, community room, fitness center and concierge service.

“This project is very near and dear to my heart”, explains Jeff Burns, CEO of Affiliated Development, “I’ve completed projects in other cities and to be able to deliver a project in the city that I live in is truly special.”

Affiliated Companies is a national real estate and investment company with an office in Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. For more information about The Six13 go to

For more information about the NFP CRA contact Mikki Royce at the Mosaic Group 561-651-9565.

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