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WEST PALM BEACH, FL – June 18, 2014 – San Diego based company Gamxing® Inc. is expanding its operations to Florida and will revolutionize how Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training is conducted by offering healthcare companies and providers an innovative, interactive online gaming solution. 


Training healthcare employees and their business associates is one of the most important areas facing today’s healthcare sector. Now there’s a fun and cost-effective way to train them and help protect patient data.  Gamxing® provides leading edge game technology for organizations across multiple sectors to help them train employees in compliance issues through online games.  Headquartered in San Diego, Gamxing® was founded in 2012 to help companies increase their ability to protect their organization from costly audits, fines and compliance issues.  Gamxing®’s patent-pending virtual environment provides online training games to increase employee retention of important regulatory and compliance rules. Gamxing®’s carefully developed game scenarios also provide strong data analytics to enable managers to better track and understand the unique needs of their personnel.


Gamxing® provides a new and improved way to train employees about important rules and regulations.  Properly protecting patient information is imperative in today’s world and having employees retain HIPAA knowledge, is the key to doing this successfully”, says Katherine Waldron, CEO and Founder of Gamxing®.  There are thousands of compliance training companies, however Gamxing® provides compliance managers, office managers, and human resource directors with more efficient and targeted training.   Gamxing® provides data analytics and offers an adaptable modular library system that focuses on the very specific/targeted training that an employee or group of employees needs — as opposed a “one-size fits all” approach.  In addition, instead of requiring staffers to memorize HIPAA rules out of a manual, Gamxing® uses actual case studies and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights audit results to reinforce compliance tenets. Each five-minute Gamxing® module allows employees to train during breaks or in spurts during their busy work days.  After an employee completes the HIPAA Core package successfully, Gamxing® will issue a HIPAA Certificate showing proof of success.


In addition, Gamxing® gives office managers and HR directors the analytics they need to monitor how their employees are doing. Using this data, managers can determine problem areas. Games can be customized to target specific training areas based on these analytics.  “We want to enable the manager to be able to identify areas where their staff may need extra help,” adds Pavan Ravula, Founder and President of Gamxing®. “Using our unique analytics system, we will be able to adjust our games to their unique needs to help them get the most out of their training costs.”


Gamxing®’s  next generation, intelligent training system  impacts the employee more directly based on his/her unique training needs .  This targeted training allows the training managers to stretch their training budget, by doing more with less.  As a result, the managers will have funds left over to train employees beyond just what is required from a regulatory stand-point but also from what the company or healthcare entity actually may need. Games start as low as $5 per seat.   Gamxing® will be conducting seminars and workshops throughout the State of Florida.  Organizations may contact Gamxing® for a complimentary consultation and demo.  For more information, visit or call 855.949.4263.


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